Introducing... the Clinical Pathology Program

RCM Enterprise Services and SCC Soft Computer have joined together to offer a Clinical Pathology Program.

RCM is able to provide an all-encompassing program to pathology groups that will increase revenue, productivity, and reimbursement while lowering costs using advanced technology from today's software leader in the field of pathology and genetics.

Things are changing rapidly in pathology. With shrinking reimbursements and new complexities to testing, yesterday's leaders in AP-LIS, whose systems were architected in the 1990s, are now far behind. If you are using old technology, you will not remain competitive in the AP market.

Today, pathology testing can be much more complex. It involves multi-technology testing, including molecular, flow cytometry, and cytogenetics. Specimens must be tracked with full chain-of-custody, and more importantly, auto-routed. You need a rules based workflow engine so that operations are efficient and in-line with SOPs. This allows you to change testing protocols and adapt. Reports can be auto-generated to save valuable time. This includes synoptic/structured reporting. We offer not just a genetics module for reporting, but real, meaningful workflow management in the genetics laboratory, including interfaces to molecular instruments, next-generation sequencing platforms, customized annotations, case review, and sign-out via the Web.

You can now leverage ALL of SCC's technology with Zero Capital Cost to your Organization! This includes our AP-LIS modules, EMR connectivity, Web Portal, Billing, and so much more

Clinical Pathology Program Helps You Compete and Succeed

Program include...

  • SoftPathDx© AP-LIS plus any needed modules at ZERO Capital Cost
  • EMR connectivity to YOUR clients
  • SoftGenePortal© for Orders/Results and TC/PC automation
  • SoftA/R© Laboratory Billing and Accounts Receivable System
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Insurance Claim Scrubber and Clearinghouse submission
  • Automated Patient Statement Mailing
  • Outsourced Billing (RCM) and Consulting Services (optional)

SCC SoftPathDx: The Most Advanced AP-GLIS in the world... now within financial reach!

SoftPathDx© features include...

  • Customizable sample processing and workflows
  • Auto reflex testing across technologies
  • Detailed specimen tracking across technologies with at-a-glance material information
  • Embedded synoptic/structured reporting
  • Integrated image and document management
  • Direct interfacing to staining machines
  • Test-specific reporting capability
  • Powerful, time-saving, auto-compiled final reports
  • Scalable from 3 to 3,000+ workstations

Imagine the possibilities with AP, Molecular, Flow Cytometry, Cytogenetics, and Web Portal

  • SoftMolecular© (available)
  • SoftCytogenetics© (available)
  • SoftFlowCytometry© (available)
  • Body Mapping (available)
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