Order and Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking from filling to delivery includes the following features:

  • Tracking of supplies from the initial request to final delivery to the outreach account
  • Maintenance of inventory levels for the outreach supplies and tracking of those supplies sent to the outreach accounts
  • Defining minimum and maximum inventory levels for each supply item and the management of minimum and maximum inventory levels for each supply item based on setup
  • Documentation of supply requests; inventory levels adjusted at the inventory location
  • Creation and tracking of back orders from inception to resolution
  • Printing of bar-coded invoices for package delivery
  • Assignment of supply deliveries to a courier during the inventory stop
  • Automatic tracking of supply usage based on supplies delivered to the outreach client
  • Easy creation and cancellation of recurring supply orders
  • Creation of multiple inventory locations within the system
  • Designation of supply orders as statfor expedited processing

Package Notification

The Package Notification feature allows the user to handle supplies as follows:

  • Packages can be marked as missing
  • Packages can be reassigned for delivery or broken down and the supply content returned to inventory
  • Notifications can be generated when supplies are ordered outside of the preferred supply list, and notifications regarding order status can be sent to outreach clients
  • Using Return Management, users can process items that were returned
  • The PDA initially documents these transactions; the system enables users to work with multiple transactions at a time
  • Users can view the quantity of the items that were returned as well as the current quantity of the item

Client Supply Setup

Supplier accounts can be defined in the system as follows:

  • Based on setup, inventory will associate a supplier with an inventory item
  • Inventory items can be invoiced to be sent to the supplier
  • Detailed information can be entered for each supplier
  • Multiple suppliers can be defined for the same item
  • Users can determine which supply items are below minimum levels
  • Supply orders can be printed for mailing or faxing
  • Supply orders can be e-mailed to the supply vendor

Inventory Reporting

Inventory reports include the following partial list:

  • Requisition Form
  • Supply Shortage
  • Delivered Supplies
  • Out of Order Filling
  • Supplies Orders
  • Returns History
  • Car Inventory History
  • Car Inventory Supply Shortage by Item
  • Requisition Forms Assignment
  • Supplies Assignment
  • Car Supply Shortage
  • Packages Waiting for Delivery
  • Back Order
  • Supply Usage Total Report and by Account Report


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