Laboratory Outreach Program

RCM Enterprise Services® (RCM) Programs works with hospital-based laboratories to build and scale their laboratory outreach programs to create additional revenue that will contribute to their organizations’ bottom lines—with minimal upfront cost.

RCM provides a proven service and technology program designed to address complex business processes found in laboratory outreach testing and marketing. Our program positions your hospital-based lab to capture a steady source of high-margin laboratory testing from non-affiliated physician offices, patient service centers, nursing homes, and industrial health programs – all outside the walls of your hospital. Once operational, your program becomes self-sufficient. Regardless of size or capabilities, laboratories can leverage RCM’s technology and expertise to create, maintain, and grow laboratory outreach business.

Why pursue laboratory outreach?

Hospital-based laboratories are set up to handle inpatient and outpatient testing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Test volumes fluctuate between peak and nonpeak hours during the course of the day. If a hospital laboratory were to run additional tests during nonpeak hours to take advantage of the underutilized capacity, this will have minimal impact to the “fixed costs” (equipment and staffing to maintain the laboratory). Because outreach testing primarily impacts the low “incremental costs” (reagents and supplies) associated with performing additional tests, this translates into higher revenue margins for every outreach test run through the hospital laboratory infrastructure during nonpeak hours.

Laboratory Outreach Program Features

  • RCM fills the critical needs of laboratory programs: the right tools, processes, people, and services to help grow business and maximize revenue.
  • Pragmatic and bottom-line oriented, RCM offers value to laboratories striving to increase their revenue.
  • RCM delivers vital reporting tools to track and trend client utilization and map out future growth and profitability. Operational transparency makes it easy to follow the money.
  • RCM recognizes that the back-end billing and collections process is a catch-all for inefficiencies on the front end. RCM enables clients to flip this process around by focusing on clean capture of information on the front end.
  • RCM understands hospitals must grow referrals from loyal physicians. RCM is building a network of physicians that are now connecting to the hospital laboratory, which can help build that relationship.
  • RCM has the industry consulting expertise to train, answer questions, and apply in-depth knowledge of current payor trends to the benefit of our hospital partners.
  • RCM’s approach is LIS, HIS, and EMR vendor neutral.

Program Highlights

Step One

We work with hospital management to help them realize the potential of utilizing your current hospital laboratory to generate new business from outreach testing that can be run during non-peak hours, taking advantage of your existing inpatient/outpatient infrastructure.

This approach produces high profit yields from what was once unproductive, idle time that will contribute cash flow “contribution margin” to your organization’s bottom line.

Step Two

To position your hospital laboratory to be competitive, we provide our front-end technology to maximize your outreach potential.

Components: Web portal for orders/results, EMR connectivity, courier tracking, inventory management, healthcare CRM, document and imaging capabilities, and advanced laboratory business intelligence reporting to monitor client profitability.

Step Three

To maximize your laboratory revenue cycle, we provide our back-end technology to address third-party insurance, client bill, and self-pay billing, regardless of whether the billing and collections are performed by your team or ours.

Components: Laboratory A/R system, insurance claim scrubbing/submission, denial/appeal application, and financial business intelligence reporting for operational transparency.

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