Gentics Program

RCM Enterprise Services® (RCM) works with genetics laboratories to build and scale their presence in the physician and nursing home marketplace while creating efficiencies that will improve their current workflow in the hospital inpatient and outpatient setting. Regardless of whether your group is independent or consists of hospital employees, our program focuses on creating additional revenue that will contribute to your group’s bottom line— with minimal upfront cost.

RCM provides a proven service and technology program designed to target hospital inpatient/outpatient workflow and deliver services to new physician and nursing home clients, and enables your organization to compete in the Genetics market—molecular, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, HLA, and biochemistry.

Once operational, your program becomes self-sufficient. Regardless of size or capabilities, genetics laboratories can leverage RCM’s technology and expertise to create, maintain, and grow their business.

The core program consists of integrated Genetics + Billing on a single system platform. The single system approach increases productivity, lowers operational costs, and keeps all of your business on one system. The program includes front-end and back-end technology designed to expand your client base and maximize your reimbursement.

Genetics Information System Features


  • Seamless interfacing with sequencing and fragment analysis instruments associated with manual entry
  • Ability to choose re-run of an entire batch or auto-assign a specific sample to the next pending batch with a single mouse click
  • Auto-calculation of master mixes with auto-deduction of volume from inventory
  • Rules-driven alerts or notifications based on client, patient demographic, test, or result parameters


  • At-a-glance real-time view of sample status through every stage of processing
  • Tracking of aliquots and culture preparations for send-out tests
  • Auto reflex testing across technologies based on client-defined rules

Flow Cytometry

  • Adjustable flow panels
  • Specific capture of billing per unique antigen
  • Quick and easy comparison of previous patient testing histories, including images, data, and reports
  • Customizable sample processing workflows, task lists, and data presentation

Program Highlights

Step One

We work with your genetics laboratory, hospital, or university health system to help realize the potential of utilizing the genetics program to update the current genetics information system for treatment and research generated from multiple client disciplines and sub-specialties. This approach capitalizes on additional revenue opportunities from increased new client market share and efficiencies created within the current work environment.

Step Two

To position your genetics laboratory, hospital, or university health system to be competitive, we provide our front-end technology—including a genetics information system—to maximize your potential.

Components: Genetics information system, genetics portal for orders/results, EMR connectivity, document and imaging capabilities, and advanced business intelligence reporting to monitor performance in clinical, revenue, and client areas.

Step Three

To maximize your genetics revenue cycle, we provide our back-end technology to address third-party insurance, client bill, and self-pay billing, regardless of whether the billing and collections are performed by your team or ours.

Components: Genetics+A/R system, insurance claim scrubbing/submission, denial/appeal application, client payment portal, and financial business intelligence reporting for operational transparency.

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