EMR Connectivity HUB

Our EMR connectivity solution acts as a clinical connectivity hub of two-way communications between hospitals, labs, physicians, and pharmacies. Its design removes the barriers of communication between different systems, helping to offer connectivity to virtually any third-party Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution.

EMR Connectivity Hub connectivity capabilities:

  • 500+ PM systems/EMRs across 900+ different versions
  • 34,000+ physician offices connections

Remote Configuration with Built-in Scheduler

  • Manage data transfers between your laboratory and each physician's practice
  • Have full control on defining days, times, and frequencies of data transfers
  • Change physician interface configuration from a secure web browser for full control of sending updates to physician practices

Eliminate VPN

Our approach eliminates the hassle of maintaining VPN connections by using secure web services to facilitate orders and results delivery between your lab and physician practices. Out of the box, it supports the following: delivery of files into a folder, printer drop off, FTP, MLLP, SFTP (SSL/SSH), and TCP/IP.

Instrument-ready Bar code (optional)

  • Eliminate duplication of work at hospital laboratory
  • Streamline the process and reduce errors

Live Insurance Mapping

The Live Insurance Mapping feature in ConnectXpress enables you to map multiple physician insurance masters to the hospital insurance master. All changes to the PMS are cross-walked and sent to the update dashboard.

Blue Cross 12345 is mapped to BC 67851


This web-based dashboard provides overview of insurance mapping across all physician offices and eliminates the need for back-office cleanup of data for claims submissions.

Cross-referencing insurance docs is as easy as viewing the entire record EMR/PM system, searching for the code, and matching it to your laboratory master record.

  • View new records and mapped records
  • Change discontinued insurance codes across multiple offices with a single mouse click
  • Manage all mapping from one centralized location

Centralized Dashboard

The EMR connectivity dashboard is a powerful, convenient, and easy-to-use tool for creating, managing, and tracking interfaces from any browser.

With remote configuration and schedule management, laboratories can now start, stop, and pause interfaces or change configurations without calling physician practices. With a live snapshot of all interface activities, users can see a live view of all transactions broken down by each interface, and can drill-down into individual transactions.

Real Time Alerts

Our alerts provide real-time predictive data analysis that will change the way everyone works in and out of the laboratory. The system monitors all your interfaces and notifies you instantly when attention is required in situations similar to the following:

  • Are transfers stuck or taking too long?
  • Is the vital system down or working sporadically?
  • Is activity going out of control?
  • Are all units checked in and accounted for?


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