RCM Enterprise Services® Programs

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM Enterprise Services provides end-to-end revenue cycle performance improvement solutions designed to accelerate cash flow immediately and improve the bottom line. Our company specializes in reducing accounts receivable, enhancing net revenue, and redesigning business processes in the revenue cycle. We work with management to identify and implement solutions that provide measurable and sustainable results.


A suite of integrated healthcare solutions that includes EMR Connectivity, Lab Portal, Courier Tracking, Inventory Management, and Healthcare CRM, ConnectXpress is designed for organizations that provide clinical laboratory, pathology, molecular, cytogenetic, flow cytometry, and biochemistry laboratory services to the healthcare market.


XpressUpdate offers an advanced feature set to address declining cash flow by creating a real-time approach to patient verification and insurance eligibility. This eliminates the need for typing and phone calls from your staff, which allows for better and faster revenue reimbursement.

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