Call Management

Call Management provides client maintenance functions that include the following:

  • Call center management including problem and complaint tracking
  • Supply requests
  • Stat and routine courier pick-ups
  • Management and history report

Call Registration enables users to register calls received in the facility and provides a way to track calls by the following:

  • Call number
  • Caller name
  • Call category
  • Account information
  • Call description
  • Person receiving call
  • Date and time of call

Call Description 

The Call Description field allows users to enter notes and comments pertaining to the call. In this field, you can enter a canned message(s), a free-text description, or a combination of the two.

Call Cancel

The Call Cancel field enables users to cancel calls that are in process.

Call Trace

The Call Trace field enables users to query the system for past calls.

Dropped Calls

The Call Dropped field enables users to register all calls that have been dropped before processing. This can be used for management purposes in tracking the number of dropped calls.

Case/Problem Calls

The Case/Problem Calls function enables users to register problems into the system. Each action of a case/problem request may generate an e-mail to the group or individual responsible for the given problem.

  • E-mail notifications include a link that enables direct access to the Problem/Case from the e-mail application
  • E-mail notifications can be turned on or off based on system setup. Problems can be passed from group/individual to group/individual until the issue is resolved
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