Remittance Management Services

RCM’s Remittance Management Services provides a convenient way to manage payment information. Users have access at the account level, including all payments; primary, secondary, etc., as well as at the file level.

835 Electronic remittance advice

  • Files are stored for easy access.
  • Each file adds to the reports database.
  • Payments are tracked at the test level.

Paper payment voucher

  • Vouchers are converted to electronic format for inclusion into database.
  • Payor-specific codes are crosswalked to standard ANSI codes.
  • Payments are tracked at the test level.

Standardization of explanation of benefits (EOB)

The search for EOBs window enables users to search across multiple payers and multiple remits to answer patient inquires, perform patient lookups, and identify specific EOBs. The results grid is customizable by user to ensure that users only see the information that is pertinent to them.

  • All remittances are converted to one view/format for ease of use.
  • RCM’s EOBs include electronic and paper (electronic EOBs are available with one-click access!)
  • All EOB information is provided on one screen for convenient access, with the following information displayed on the standardized EOB:
  • Claim level detail
  • Line level detail
  • Remark/reason code descriptions
  • Claim status descriptions
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