With the inclusion of molecular, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, and next-generation sequencing testing in the anatomic pathology laboratory, yesterday’s leaders in AP-LIS—whose systems were architected in the 1990s—are unable to accommodate and automate new testing protocols.


As multi-technology AP testing increases, you need a modern AP+Genetics LIS capable of automating operations.  You need real, meaningful workflow management in the genetics laboratory, supporting centralized or multisite operations, capable of interfacing to everything from molecular instruments and next-generation sequencers to your clients’ EMR systems. You need a portal that not only promotes electronic ordering, but also offers pathologists access to review and sign out cases from anywhere and any device.

Labs that are using old technology will not remain competitive in today’s AP market.  The industry is at a crossroads.  Which path do you choose?  Introducing SoftPathDx®, the only AP-LIS on the market with available, integrated, dedicated modules for your genetics laboratories and technologies.  RCM offers a single-platform, fully integrated AP+Genetics LIS, unlike any other on the market today.

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Choose a new path with RCM Enterprise Services

and SCC Soft Computer



  • + RCM makes it affordable to choose a new path

    RCM Enterprise Services a division of SCC Soft Computer can provide a total turn-key Clinical Pathology Program. You can take advantage of ALL of SCC’s technology with Zero Cost to your Organization. This includes our AP-LIS modules, EMR connectivity, Web Portal, Billing, and so much more.

  • + Robust specimen lifecycle management

    Specimen is bar coded and tracked throughout its entire lifecycle, and is graphically displayed with other pertinent information.  This is useful, for example, to determine if enough specimen remains to perform additional testing.


  • + SoftPathDx®+Genetics

    With integration between AP and Genetics, true workflow automation has arrived. Designed for speed and efficiency, SoftPathDx enables users to share specimens between other labs such as molecular, cytogenetics, and flow cytometry.  This allows for integrated resulting and the ability to track specimens throughout multiple laboratory environments.  Seamless integration with SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite™ applications provides easy reflex ordering of tests in the sister applications, such as reflex HPV tests to SoftMolecular® or chromosome analysis in SoftCytogenetics®, with final reporting in the Pathology Report.



  • + Ability to design your own testing protocols and workflow, a first in the AP-LIS industry

    The workflow engine embedded in SoftPathDx allows the laboratory to incorporate new technologies and testing methodologies without the need to upgrade systems.  This protects your AP-LIS investment.



  • + Centralized accessioning

    When utilizing multiple SCC modules, a single order number is maintained as specimens and aliquots are sent across various technologies for testing.  Reporting can be on just the individual technology/test, or combined as one single report – or both!

  • + Powerful integration between AP, molecular, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and clinical laboratory

    Powerful rules-/case-based reporting templates automatically incorporate results from other laboratory departments into the final report.

    No more manually cutting/pasting or importing spreadsheets – your final report time is decreased from hours to minutes.

  • + Integrated image management, document management, and voice/dictation capture

    SoftPathDx provides the ability to incorporate images, save documents, and even transcribe directly into the case without need for third-party systems.  With SoftPathDx, you could even eliminate your dictation system altogether!  Text capture also provided, saving significant time and effort

  • + Built-in structured reporting

    With SoftPathDx, you can accommodate CAP protocols and build your own structured reporting, as desired, for other testing where structured reporting is applicable.  As an embedded part of SoftPathDx, no third-party software is required, which decreases interfaces, server footprint, and the maintenance of a separate system.

  • + HER2, HER2/neu

    With its built-in structured reporting, SoftPathDx is able to send both textual and discrete results across HL7 interfaces.

  • + Strong interfacing capability for EMR integration, electronic lab reporting

    Advanced service-based architecture, along with adherence to HL7 2.5.1, allows SoftPathDx to tightly integrate with EMRs and provide reports and results in several ways, including sending final reports and/or hyperlinks to final reports, along with discrete data as requested.

  • + The world’s first integrated AP+Genetics platform

    A complete set of real-world genetics modules (molecular, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, HLA, Web Portal) all on a SINGLE PLATFORM …

    NO third-party middleware or separate server.


     Embedded Multi-technology Specimen Management

     Embedded Centralized Accessioning

     Embedded Synoptic/Structured Reporting

     Embedded Workflow Engine

     Embedded Rules Engine

     Direct interfacing to Genetics Instruments



  • + Integrated Web portal

    SoftGenePortal™—SCC's genetics client communication portal with ordering, resulting, and reporting—is built upon the SoftPathDx platform; therefore, it is not a separate system, but an integrated Web client of the SoftPathDx application.


    As a result, users can allow their clients to register patients, enter orders, and view results, and pathologists can log in to view their case queues, review cases, and sign-out final reports. Because this functionality is built into the platform, it’s much easier to implement and maintain.



  • + Obsolescence-proof

    The advanced system architecture, and ability to adapt and change testing protocols and workflow within the system, means the system will not become obsolete, making SoftPathDx and the Genetics Suite a wise and long-term investment for the future of the laboratory.

  • + SoftPathDx features include

     Auto reflex testing across technologies

     Direct interfacing to staining machines

     Detailed specimen tracking, including remaining material information and detailed specimen tracking for shared specimens between labs

     Test-specific reporting capability

     Flexible reporting with templates

     Customizable sample processing and workflows



            RCM Enterprise Services Solutions

RCM Enterprise Services (RCM), a division of SCC-Soft Computer, works with pathology groups and genetic labs to build and strengthen your business. RCM provides a custom service and technology package designed to address complex business processes. We fill the critical needs of your business: the right tools, processes, people, and services to help grow business and maximize revenue.

Problematic and bottom-line oriented, RCM value offers value to pathologists to increase their revenue.


RCM Enterprise Services in association with SCC Soft Computer is considered the largest LIS software production house in the world – with a workforce of 1,800 professionals dedicated to LIS development – SCC has experience in accomplishing complex LIS implementations in large, multisite environments.


SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite™

► SoftPathDx®

► SoftMolecular®

► SoftCytogenetics®

► SoftFlowCytometry®

► SoftGenePortal™


SCC‘s Genetics Information Systems Suite™ and RCM Enterprise Services™ addresses the informatics needs of today’s medical enterprise.

A full range of integrated genetics information management solutions automates workflow in the diagnostic genetics laboratory.

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