Laboratory Outreach Program

New revenue opportunities for laboratories

Laboratory outreach programs face challenges that impact both the front-end (laboratory operations) and the back-end (billing and collections). Understanding the front-end and back-end challenges was the driving force to create the Laboratory Outreach Program

The RCM program provides laboratory management the opportunity to design a business model that focuses on creating efficiencies in their laboratory revenue cycle from the inception of the order (front-end) to the final posted payment (back-end). RCM Enterprise Services provides the experience, technology, and financial investment as indentified and required by laboratory management to create and sustain a profitable laboratory outreach program.

The Laboratory Outreach Program is able to effectively and economically deliver these operationally crucial features WITHOUT:
  • Substantial upfront capital
  • Monthly software licensing and maintenance fees
  • Additional laboratory and billing resources

Laboratory Outreach Program Key Components:

Electronic Connectivity (Orders and Results):
Physician Offices and Nursing Homes

Mission critical solution that creates operational efficiencies

Typical workflow issues such as registration, order creation, and result viewing can be managed using the Web-based portal.

EMR Connectivity (Orders and Results): Physician Offices
Technical and financial challenges managed by RCM Enterprise Services.

Physicians who select an EMR for their office will expect their laboratory provider to be able to connect and pay for the connection between their EMR and the LIS. RCM will handle the technical challenges on your behalf to eliminate barriers to connect to your current and future physician clients.

Courier Tracking
Sophisticated tool for courier tracking

Application includes features and functionality that provides tight control over customer relations management, courier tracking, data quality.

Laboratory Outreach Analytic Reporting
Reporting tools to monitor growth and profitability

The ability to look at a laboratory's operation through many different views, with many levels of granularity is an important method of managing your outreach laboratory business.

Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management
Creating a laboratory profit center

RCM manages your outreach laboratory accounts receivable function; including aggressive pursuit of rejections, denials, underpayments, and unbilled inventory

Financial Analytic Reporting
Reporting tools to monitor billing and collections effort

The ability to examine the efficiency of the billing and collection services provides operational transparency and accountability.

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