Orders/Results Portal

Hospitals, commercial laboratories, and universities are making the business decision to improve profitability by providing outreach services to their surrounding community. In order to gain a competitive edge, these laboratories are looking for low-cost, effective tools for managing and growing their outreach programs. Fast, efficient, and user-friendly, for you and your client, RCM's Orders/Result Portal offers a profitable solution for increasing revenue and optimizing workflow in the laboratory.

RCM's Orders/Results Portal: securely delivers real-time patient results to remote locations via the Internet. This powerful portal produces tangible benefits such as closer relationships with new and existing laboratory clients and increased profitability for your operation.

RCM's Orders/Result Portal: supports the laboratory, microbiology, blood bank, pathology, and reference lab results from multiple and disparate vendors, all of which reside on a single EMR repository.

  • Only one set of physician tables, patient lists, and test criteria to be maintained
  • Real-time test status monitor and result delivery
  • Screen requisitions can be built to mimic the paper requisitions in the client's office
  • Customized look for each client's office with doctor specialty (e.g. OB/GYN, Oncology) accommodations
  • Remote bar-coded label printing at the time of order entry
  • Automatic test routing for multisite laboratories
  • Front-end compliance checking with instantaneous ABN generation
  • Robust rules and logic engine to streamline client billing
Benefits - Easy and efficient outreach solution
  • Low-cost, easy-to-use solution for the physician's office
  • Easy new patient setup, quick and efficient order entry
  • Customizable screens to mimic requisitions currently in place
  • Extensive online formulary simplifies order entry
  • ABN forms can be printed to local printers or created in an electronic format for digital storage
  • HIPAA enabled with multiple security controls
  • LIS setup files accommodate laboratory and physician offices
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