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Corporate Report

      As we near the end of the fourth quarter and the beginning of a new year, we would like to take a moment
      and reflect on 2018 and thank our clients, partners, and the entire staff of RCM for their continued dedication
      and efforts.  We are excited to move into 2019 with a progressive approach.

      In 2018, we welcomed not only new clients in several of the RCM channels (billing, connectivity, outreach)
      but also more than 50 new employees and managers to the RCM family.  We have a positive outlook not
      only for our continued growth as a company and our ability to provide a career track for our talented
      and dedicated staff, but also for this opportunity to help grow jobs in the tri-city (Tampa | St. Petersburg |
      Clearwater) Tampa Bay area.

                                                                “We have made all of these changes with careful
      We faced many challenges this year, and we faced          forethought, intertwined with the advanced
      each challenge head on.  This is a testament to our       technological functionalities of our software
      resilience, determination, and effective teamwork.        modules—all while keeping our focus on
      In turn, we learned much and discovered                   increased  productivity  and  client  satisfaction.
      opportunities for additional improvement—all while        Everything we do is for our clients who rely

      achieving our year-end goals.  The challenges of          on us for quality, accuracy, and excellence in
      growth offer great opportunity for RCM, and we are        financial analysis.  We still have more to achieve
      prepared to meet the challenges of 2019 as we             and  accomplish  as  we  begin  a  new  year.    We
      continue our upward momentum.                             are  welcoming  new  clients  to RCM  Enterprise
                                                                Services in the first quarter of 2019.  Our new
                                                                perspective will serve as a reminder that RCM
                                                                will maintain a solid foothold in the revenue
                                                                cycle industry for now and in the years ahead.”
                                                                               —Jeff Marr, VP of Operations, RCM

            RCM Enterprise Services | Advancing the Art of Billing

     RCM Enterprise Services was founded on the sincere desire to help clients advance their outreach programs
     and compete with commercial laboratories.  Utilizing proven technology and healthcare-specific reporting
     data to optimize business growth, RCM offers full-service accounts receivable management services
     from initial referral through final collections.  The RCM technology platform positions clients to increase
     profitability while enhancing efficiency in delivering outreach services.
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