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     A  hospital  laboratory  would  never  consider  running  an  outreach  program  without  implementing  a  software  application
     designed to enhance efficiency in laboratory outreach (e.g., connectivity, courier tracking, inventory management, and CRM).
     These tools are critical for operational purposes, just as a trained field representative’s marketing skills are fundamental in
     successfully building rapport with potential clients.  Likewise, the appointed field representative must be lab knowledgeable
     and speak with confidence.  Possessing these characteristics establishes a foundation for trust, the first ingredient in
     the sales process.

      Marketing Purpose

                                                                                   To ensure success, a sales and marketing
      Building an effective hospital outreach business takes                       representative  for a  laboratory  outreach
      time.  After all, you’re competing with commercial                           program should be educated, proficient,
      competitors who work diligently  and aggressively                            and knowledgeable in these areas:
      for lab business that could easily be going to the
      local hospital.  Making the decision to compete in                              √  Billing
      the laboratory service arena takes oversight from the                           √  Transport requirements
      C-suite and lab management, as well as a dedicated                              √  Supplies
      laboratory team and a marketing rep who’s well-trained                          √  Test menu
      in sales and service.  There is some financial investment                       √  Client pricing
      involved; nevertheless, the return on investment (ROI)                          √  Methodologies
      will far outweigh any initial expenditure.                                      √  Logistics
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