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        Vol.1   Issue 4           The digital news magazine of RCM Enterprise Services, Inc.     December 2018
                                   Sales and marketing strategy should
      Clearwater, Florida
                                      not be a lab outreach afterthought


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                                    Recent surveys show that hospital laboratories are dedicating more resources to their
       Executing well-planned
          transition results in     outreach programs. However, the  same surveys  are  also showing  that  many labs
       successful Go-Live and       are lacking the sales force crucial for a successful laboratory outreach program.
        nearly $1M increase in
          captured charges
                 —                  The importance of a sales and marketing specialist should be a forethought, not an
       Exclusive interview with     afterthought.  Hospitals often have valid reasons to delay employing field staff, or they
        UH Laboratory Service       choose to address this vital piece later.  In any case, it stands to reason that a hospital
           Foundation pg. 4
                                    outreach business enterprise must have qualified field representatives to ensure the
                                    success of its program.  Laboratories that follow a well-designed business plan that
                                    includes an aggressive marketing approach understand that an outreach business
                                    cannot survive without sales representation.

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