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Executing well-planned transition

        results in successful Go-Live

        and nearly $1M increase in

        captured charges

                                                                           W       e recently had an opportunity to
         Interview by S. Iacobacci
                                                                                   sit down with Colleen Andrews,
                                                                           business manager of Lab Services at
                                                                           UH Laboratory Service Foundation,
                                                                           and  discuss  her  experience  (from  an
                                                                           operational perspective) overseeing
                                                                           the transition from their previous vendor
                                                                           to RCM.  We were interested as to why
                                                                           University Hospitals, a billion dollar
                                                                           healthcare conglomerate in Cleveland,
                                                                           Ohio, elected to use a separate AR
                                                                           system  to outsource their  outreach
                                                                           billing versus performing their billing
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