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A health-specific CRM can change

                   your lab outreach outcome

          aboratories facing budget cuts and declining test
     L revenue are being compelled to consider new
      approaches to cutting costs and supporting a high
      level of customer service.  Today’s lab managers are
      driven to improve operational outcomes in laboratory
      outreach and are looking to a lab-specific CRM
      (customer relation management) software solution to
      improve operating performance and service.

      All too often, clinical data is spread across multiple
      silos comprising disparate IT systems (e.g., billing
      systems, LIS, HIS, EMR, data warehousing, etc.), so
      data in the clinical laboratory is becoming increasingly
      difficult to retrieve and manage—and even becoming

      “For me it [RCM’s CRM software solution] hit all the hot buttons.  This made a big impact in my area having to manage
      the billing staff, client services, and couriers.  We have a large outreach and a CRM brought us into the 21st century,
      so to speak”.
                                Colleen Andrews, Business Manager, Lab Services at UH Laboratory Service Foundation
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