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                                          Pre Authorizations

            Pre-authorization requests are becoming more prevalent in healthcare.
                    What is driving this process?  How long has it been around?
                                         And why is it so challenging?

        Pre-authorization requests are increasing in frequency   The steps to obtain prior authorization vary from insurer
        due to genomic and esoteric testing becoming more       to insurer, but typically involve the completion and faxing
        mainstream. In response to the increased utilization,   of a prior authorization form. 88% of the entire forms are
        insurers are reacting by requiring prior authorization   either partially or entirely manual, according to
        checks to provide a cost saving to consumers by         Wikipedia source. What is surprising, physicians have
        preventing unnecessary procedures. Whether it is for    historically been responsive to market changes by
        the patients or the insurance company’s benefit is      upgrading their technology stack to improve
        debated by the AMA.                                     workflow, according to the Council for Affordable
                                                                Quality Healthcare.
        In 1996 HIPPA standardized the form for electronic
        precertification called the ANSI 278 services authorization
        called ePA for electronic prior authorization.  Fast forward
        23 years to current day, physicians experience an average
        wait time from 1 to 3 days for prior authorization decisions,
        source AMA.

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