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Let’s examine the area affected          40%
        the most once the lab is off-site.                35%
        To give quality patient care, test       35%
        results must be readily available
        and reported quickly.                    30%
        Situations where specimens are           25%
        tagged for recollection, can be                            22%
        inconvenient for patients and           Percent of all encounters  20%
        could result in delayed diagnosis
        and treatment.  Some lab tests           15%
        are split and sent to alternative
        testing sites, adding to longer          10%                          8%
        turnaround times. Physicians and                                                6%        5%        5%
        staff count on internal testing.          5%
        This open line of communication           0%
        is established for a better patient           Laboratory Radiology Vital signs Respiratory Cardiology  Other
        medical outcome.  Patient care
        begins with a solid infrastructure,   Fig.1 shows that laboratory tests were the most frequently ordered diagnostic procedure
        adequate training, competence,
        and operational efficiencies.
        Hospitals strive to provide the best care for patients, and the lab services are no exception.
        For now, the hospital will have to rely on the track record of another vendor.

        The fate of the hospital laboratory is ultimately in the hands of the CEO. After a decision has been made,
        lab staff and management are usually the last to know. It is vital for laboratory management to take a
        proactive approach to make sure laboratory testing is securely anchored as part of the hospital services.
        Lab management needs to think beyond lab testing and become an advocate. Know your revenue.
        Articulate the numbers to top executives. The laboratory will always play an essential role in patient care
        and profitability. The numbers prove it. Convincing the CEO to recognize that by keeping the lab testing
        in-house is just as important as the physician ordering the test.
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