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Integrated technology captures

                       profitability in lab outreach

        Why develop hospital laboratory outreach?               Outreach technology vision
        Adding additional revenue to a hospital’s bottom line    To compete with local and national commercial
        is an elusive target for hospitals operating with narrow    laboratories, hospitals must recognize that the entrance
        profit margins, where there’s little room for error.     requirements to this competitive market require the use
        Hospitals searching for additional revenue-generating   of technology that is designed for the laboratory industry,
        opportunities can develop laboratory outreach programs   is quick to deploy, is user-friendly, and actually works
        that bring incremental income from non-affiliated physician   as designed.
        offices and nursing homes.
                                                                Many hospital-based laboratory outreach programs
        Maximizing the profit potential of laboratory outreach   never achieve their full potential or, worse, fail to launch
        requires hospitals to develop a FOR-PROFIT              due to financial compromises that impact their
        business model that can co-exist inside a               technology offering.  This limits their ability to compete or
        NON-PROFIT environment.                                 creates a costly manual process that can start out as a
                                                                minor annoyance that ultimately ends up becoming a
        Examining outreach workflow                             major obstacle.
        Front-end and back-end processes that traditionally
        operate separately can be integrated using proven
        technology that is specifically designed for the outreach
        laboratory revenue cycle.  Consistent and sustainable
        growth, profitability, and efficiency become achievable
        when these two processes work in tandem.
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