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         Vol.1   Issue 2             The digital news magazine of RCM Enterprise Services, Inc.            June 2018

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     Genetics market research
     averages indicate market
     expected growth to be
     $27 billion by 2022              DNA sequencing has become a major factor in today’s growth in molecular
                                      diagnostic (MDx) testing. It also plays an important role in Personalized Medicine, which
                 $27 billion          is increasingly becoming the standard of care.  Personalized Medicine utilizes
                  by 2022
                                      the most effective approach—diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic—to improve
                                      a patient prognosis.
                                      As the market continues to expand testing applications and newer technologies,
                                      the overall demand will drive growth in the MDx field.  MDx testing covers several key
         $9.5 billion
          in Sales                    areas and is not limited to one specific field.  Genetic testing is used in blood screening,
                                      infectious disease diagnosis, oncology, and pharmacology.

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