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         Vol.1   Issue 1              Revenue Cycle Management News and Notes                      March 1, 2018

         Clearwater, FL
                                      Hospitals outsourcing

                                      billing for financial gain

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         “Meaningful                  The hospital inpatient/outpatient workflow is designed around
      outreach success                a hospital information system (HIS). When focusing on the
        usually results               complexities of laboratory outreach, the infrastructure must be

         from careful                 flexible and quick  to deploy, with automation built in to every
         planning and                 workflow,  and with  integration to  the laboratory  information
      implementation.”                system (LIS) as the primary objective.  Too often, laboratory outreach

                                      billing is commingled with the inpatient/outpatient billing
       Oxford Lab Medicine            resulting in writing off a substantial amount of revenue.
           January 2016               Laboratories continue to struggle for reference lab reimbursement
                                      from payers and patients leaving behind hospital lab charges.

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