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Watch us grow!

            RCM Enterprise Services Inc., a revenue cycle management company,
            is growing–according to Sherri D’Anna, Operations Manager for RCM.

        RCM has modified the original RCM                       The idea for RCM Enterprise Services as a new
        operations center, located across from                  revenue cycle management company began
        SCC Soft Computer’s world headquarters                  in 2008 with Mr. Gilbert Hakim, CEO of
        in Clearwater, Florida, to accommodate an               SCC Soft Computer.  Having the desire to
        expanded call center, billing operation,                create a separate company, Mr. Hakim
        and production centers, including IT to                 envisioned using SCC’s SoftA/R  billing and
        support the overall billing operations.                 accounts receivable information system to
                                                                establish a professional outsource
        RCM has doubled their number of revenue cycle           billing company.  Mark Droste, Managing
        specialists in the last six months, making 2017         Director for RCM wanted to take it a step
        all about positive changes.  RCM’s growing              further and provide clients multiple
        staff—with their combined years of experience           SCC technologies as well as the connectivity
        and expertise—helped make 2017                          needed to build a profitable outreach business.
        a successful year for the company and their
        clients.  We anticipate continuing this trend
        into 2018 … and beyond.
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