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RCM Enterprise Services, Inc.

        Today, RCM offers hospital, commercial, pathology,
        and genetics laboratories scalable solutions and pricing
        platforms that include EMR connectivity, business
        intelligence reporting, healthcare CRM, courier tracking,
        and a professional billing service staffed with certified
        medical coders and AR specialists.

        From the beginning, RCM’s mission has been to
        deliver improvement to the revenue cycle process
        by being a single source provider of technology
        and services that build upon making the partnership
        a pleasant, efficient, and profitable experience
        in a very complicated and sensitive market.

        With the healthcare industry changing and diminishing
        payer compensation, hospitals are focusing on
        revenue outsourcing with vendors who have a
        solid foundation for maximum outcome.

        For more information, please contact:
        Shirlee Iacobacci | RCM Enterprise Services, Inc.

                                Automated Verification Services

                In 2017, RCM introduced XpressUpdate,
                a patient verification and eligibility checking application.
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