XpressUpdate offers an advanced feature set to address
declining cash flow by creating a retail approach to getting paid

Physician Office Demographic Bridges and Insurance Mapping Dashboard

Established track record of connecting more than 34,000 physician offices

  • Demographic Bridge enables users to check patient and insurance demographic information in the physicians practice management system
  • Insurance Mapping Dashboard provides an organized approach to mapping multiple physician insurance masters to your organization’s single insurance master

Patient Verification

Eliminate typical patient demographic errors with automation at the point of service; collect co-pays and deductibles at the time of service; address high-deductible plans and set up payment plans prior to providing service.

  • Uses advanced proprietary algorithms to sort billions of pieces of information from national and state databases to verify patient identity and confirm accuracy of patient demographic information
  • Enables you to very patient identity and insurance eligibility in seconds with drivers license bar code scanning
  • Enables you to identify the subscriber of the insurance policy
  • Facilitates skip tracing / return address search

Insurance Eligibility Checking

Automated real-time access to 750+ payors accepting 270 request / 271 response combined with our established track record of connecting more than 34,000 physician offices.

  • Web Crawler search feature that accommodates the 700+ payors that do not participate in the 270 / 271 program by mapping their website screens for one-click insurance coverage verification
  • Customizable 271 by User feature that enables users to sort and pre-sort the data view according to user preference
  • Patient Coverage Summary feature that provides real-time view of remaining deductibles, co-pays, and coordination of benefits

Automated Workflow Queues

  • Dashboard approach that organizes end-of-day batch uploads into follow-up queues based on status
  • Multiple sort options that include productivity tracking

One-click Data Transfer

No typing required!

  • Update patient and insurance demographics in your clinical or billing system with a single mouse click!

EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index)

  • Links several MPIs together from disparate systems and departments
  • Generates an EMPI, or allows you to use one provided by your organization

Statistics Reporting

  • Offers clean pass-through rate, errors by physician office, errors by service center, user productivity tracking … and more!

Payment System

  • Accept cash, check, or credit card payments at the point of service
  • Set up payment plans prior to providing services


  • Provides pre-population of required patient and insurance information on pre-authorization request forms
  • Recognizes that a pre-authorization needs to be completed before or on the date of service

Nursing Home Coverage Determination

For Medicare billing, eligibility checking is geared to let you know the episode dates and whether the patient qualifies for Part A (bill the SNF – skilled nursing facility) or Part B (bill third-party insurance).

  • Eliminates the steps of working a census report (Part A vs. Part B stay), waiting for the SNF to respond, working an SNF denial on the back end, sifting through paperwork from the SNF

Easy Integration

  • Provides easy integration with your lab order portal, EMR, billing system … or can be used as a standalone application
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